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Let the Children Come Unto Me

I was asked this weekend to recommend some good children’s books about God.  I made a list and it got me thinking, “what makes a good book about God?”


Wonder  Great books about God leave room for the imagination of the reader.  They do not define God in a way that eliminates the possibility of wonder and mystery.

Love  Books about God should portray God in a way that reflect God’s unconditional love for God’s people.

Beauty While reading about God, it is important that the beauty of the words and of the pictures and illustrations are consistent.  I prefer a variety of books with images that give a multitude of pictures of God’s creation.

Stories of Hope and Redemption It is crucial for people of all ages to recognize and celebrate the hope and redemption that comes from God.  Scripture is lined with stories of God’s desire for reconciliation of all creation.  These are key themes in a great children’s book.  It is never too early to begin integrating these ideas into how we operate in our world.

Lessons From Bruce Feiler: “Did you get the Penis in the Vagina?”

I loathe self-help books.  I really can not stand them.  However, I am a huge fan of Bruce Feiler of Where God Was Born, Abraham, Walking the Bible and Council of Dads, fame.  His latest book, The Secrets of Happy Families, self-help nonetheless, was not a disappointment.  Feiler has a way of writing about big topics in very accessible ways and a true gift for personally relating to his audience whether they be college professors, business executives or parents. I laughed out loud when I read a portion of the “Lessons From the Sex Mom” chapter.  He tells of the woman known in her community as the go to mom if you need help talking to your children about sex.  Her friend asked for help and kept coming back to her saying, “I can’t do it!  I can’t do it!”