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Catching a Little Breeze

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about the great photos and wonderful quotes on the HumansofNY Instagram feed. We jested that there are just not that many “interesting people” that we cross paths with here in Oklahoma City. Almost as divine intervention, three different, but all equally fascinating, folks wandered through our conversation.

Excited and inspired I went home and created the HumansofOKC feed. Then, I fumbled through the rest of my day nervous, would I ever be able to ask a stranger to make their picture. I found myself talkative and giddy. Laughing at the smallest things but then the magic started. I began to notice. I noticed all of the people around me. They were no longer just a homeless person, or a woman jogging with her baby. They were stories of joy and sorrow. Words of affirmation and lives of despair. My heart became full and the weight that I have been carrying seems to be a bit lighter.

The first man I encountered was sitting, head down, on a bench with his few belongings tightly wrapped in small blanket. His hair was combed back and his arms were crossed in his lap. I asked if I may make his photo and he wanted to know what it was for. I simply replied I was working on a project and that seemed to settle his apprehension. I snapped two photos and asked if he was ok because he looked worried. He said he had a bit of fox cut. He was ill. “I’m just catching a little breeze.” I told him that I hoped he had a good day. He smiled and I walked off.

Down the block a bit I stopped to look at the photo. It was dark and one was too blurry to use. I almost cried. Here sat a man open enough for a stranger to make his photo and share his story and I messed it up. But, convinced that I would not get discouraged, I walked on. The story does not end here. I met several other amazing people and then I came home and was able to begin to tell my story through writing. I will post on this blog some of the extended stories if you are interested. Otherwise, you can just follow the feed on instagram. @humansofokc

Here is the first photo of the series. I love that he waved. Hopefully my photographs will do these sweet people justice.