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Keeping it Real–Drag Queen Edition

Apparently I need a friendly little reminder that I cannot clean out my basement, attic, play room and attend a Drag Show 90 miles away in a 72 hour period.  Especially if I plan to consume less than 30 grams of carbs per day, maintain my 6 days a week workout schedule, present 4 years worth of statistics to Skyline Urban Ministry and organize data from 70+ PTA parent volunteer information forms.  I really thought this was “no big deal” until Wednesday morning showed up and I hit a HUGE wall.  Four hours of sleep is not for me.

The next reality check came over the weekend when an overwhelming sense of defeat hit me and I spent a good day and a half trying to figure out how I will make it through the rest of the school year.  The thought that I may just have to take the kids out of school may have crossed my mind a few times.

How is it that I do this to myself every year?  I am just thankful that I can mark ‘Attend a Drag Show’ off my bucket list this year.  Who says a 36-year-old mom can’t have a little fun now and then?  I will have to share about Tuesday Night Lights in Tulsa, but right now, I must make it to the grocery store before school pick up, homework, violin/viola practice, Kung Fu and dinner.

How are you keeping it real?