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Happy Birthday New Mexico

6Jan2014Photo1I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my soul state.  I have always said that God lives in New Mexico.  It is where I learned to love nature and love the mountains.  New Mexico is where I was when I found out my Grandfather would not live much longer and where I was when I learned that my mother had died.  Many of my very best and worst memories took place in this Enchanted state.  I was thrilled to spend New Year’s Eve 2014 out there.  I would love to share, in a more articulate manner, all of the reasons I love New Mexico.  However, I have been watching my boys wrestle like little puppies all day due to school cancellation.  So, here is a link to some of my favorite NM posts.

Favorite January Pins

I love Pinterest just like the next person.  However, I try not to use it too much as a time vacuum.  Generally I use it for inspiration to create something new.  I only follow people who I admire their style and most of the people I follow I have never met face to face.  Here are a few things that have inspired me over the last couple of weeks!!!  You can sum it up best with books, food, knitting and words….some of my favorite things!



Happy New Year’s Eve

Never Say Never or You Might Become a Den Mom

blogpic***Please note that I do like nature, sweating, hiking and even camping….for one night only.  But I am not sure Den Mom is for me.  The above pictures are from a hike we rearranged our entire schedule in Vail, CO to take just last month.

I am doing great on my “bucket list”……I prefer to call it a compost pile.  You know, that list of things you say you will “never” do.  Well, my mother told me, “never say never” but like so many other things I didn’t listen.  My “pile” goes something like this….

I will never….

  • Take my baby to the grocery store without putting socks on him.
  • Go to church on a Wednesday night.
  • Let my kids watch Spongebob Square Pants.
  • Worry that my kids are bored.
  • Stop working to stay home with my kids.
  • Make Law Man dinner if he comes home after 7:30 pm.

The list goes on and on.  The latest #epicfail…..I will NEVER be a leader of Boy Scouts.  I know….I am horrible.  I am a terrible, awful, no good, very bad PERSON.  But, Boy Scouts is just not for me.  I didn’t even like Camp Fire.  The only thing that made that experience tolerable was our awesome Camp Fire Mom/Leader…..I don’t know what her official title was but it was not “Epawa” or whatever I will soon be known as.  I remember one time we were supposed to “go camping.”  We basically took our slumber party full of sweets, nail polish and McDonalds out to a tent on their “ranch” and slept.  Then we went inside the cabin, cleaned up and went to town for breakfast.  Highlight of the trip…we got to take turns driving our fearless leader’s 1989 Taurus Wagon.  It was awesome.  The second highlight was when she got pulled over for speeding on our way home.  All of us Campfire Girls were in the back…..behind the backseat laying down and we stuck french fries out of our mouths like we were smoking when the officer walked by to do is vehicle check.

Geesh, how times have changed….now I suppose I will need to make sure we have 5 point harnesses for each boy in the Pack…..not Troop, Pack.  I stand corrected.  And children smoking, riding in the trunk and driving their parents cars has become so taboo.

Here is what I have learned a few things from my two scouting meetings, thus far.

  • As long as I wear heels I think I can avoid the “uniform”.
  • They call the Big Guy’s Pack (1st Grade) Cub Scouts NOT Boy Scouts.  I can’t seem to get this in my head, but apparently it is a big deal.
  • They earn (not win) badges (not patches).  I think I have that right…and something about belt loops.
  • The other (primarily male) leaders scowl at you when you suggest that you ask your brother in law to fix the “pushcart” for the pushcart races.  Apparently these are little wood boxes with wheels and no brakes that the boys ride in and “get hurt while having fun.”

I still have to figure out what the Pack Meeting and “Arrow Ceremony” are all about.  What I understand now is that they take a long time and there is a lot of sitting and listening, but they are VERY IMPORTANT.

Needless to say, I am not equipped to be a Den Mom.  That is what they call it….I thought a den was where the kids gathered to watch TV…Nope that is what we call our little covey of boys that pretend to sit and learn about being prepared leaders when all they are really thinking about is, “when do we get to use a pocket knife and shoot a bow and arrow?”  They are going to be sorely disappointed when they find out that their Den Mom has more than a slight aversion to weapons.

I think part of the problem is that I just have very different ideas about what it means to “be with nature” and “be prepared”.  Let’s just say a public campsite with 60+ boys and their families is not my vision.  I do hope there is some serious talk about hiking etiquette.  Maybe even cotillion for the outdoors.  At the very least….stay on the trails, talk quietly and leave nature alone (i.e. don’t break of tree limbs, step on the bugs, harass the wildlife).  As for preparedness, go with a buddy and bring a cell phone.  If all else fails follow the water down the mountain.  Which brings up the last thing…..we are doing all of this in Oklahoma, land of the extreme temperature and no water or mountains.

Someone please leave me some advice on Scouting.

Summer Vacation Blues

IMG_8241 I am seriously fighting the Summer Vacation Blues.  We arrived home, last night, after our final vacation of the summer.  It has been a whirlwind… least for me.  Since I had the boys, I am not used to going out of town.  If we do travel, we do not go very far.  In the past three months I have traveled over 5600 miles round trip.  It has been amazing, but I am exhausted.

Law Man and I travel as if we have never been allowed to leave Oklahoma in our lives.  We have to catch all of the “must sees” and all of the local hangouts.  I try to visit at least one yarn shop and his goal is at least one local brewery.  All in all, we need a vacation to recover from our vacation, every time.

I am sure I am just a little tired, but I am having a hard time getting motivated to join “the real world” after this last trip.  I am not ready to jump back into the meetings and deadlines and cooking dinner and laundry.  I am really not ready to fold endless amounts of socks!  I am overwhelmed with the expectations I develop for myself while away from the everyday hustle and bustle of real life.  It is a bag still packed/haven’t made the bed kind of day.

How do you recover from the Summer Vacation Blues?