I am the first born of two CPA’s born on April 14th.  That is the closest I get to accounting and finances.  I have always hated balancing my checkbook….something that my mom did just for fun.  I can create and manage a budget and I do love raising money for organizations that are close to my heart.

I can say without a doubt my favorite thing to do is invest.  I like to invest my money, my time, my energy and watch it grow.  I keep alluding to something crazy I did a couple of months ago.  I am still not ready to share the details, but I will say that it has been an investment that has already paid off.  In fact, it has paid off more that four times what I put in.

The trick was that I did not just throw money at something….although there was money exchanged and there are monetary gains coming back.  I am putting myself out there, continuing to say ‘yes’ and working very hard to narrow in on what I want to do with the return on this investment.

The smartest investment has been the people I have reached out to for help.  I have connected with well over 20 people who I trust and respect and told them very specifically what I am looking for and how they can help.  This has led to over a dozen introductions to new people with all kinds of talent and expertise.  I have also reached out to people that I know only from online encounters and I have found them to be amazing, likeminded people, as well.  I have returned the favor by making as many connections and returning as many favors as I can.

What and who are you investing in to create meaning in your life and the lives of others?


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