Learning to Fly

Last weekend my youngest son found a fledgling sparrow. The poor bird had attempted his first flight only to find that the sky he was flying toward was a mere reflection from the roof of our car. My husband saw the accident and we decided to escort the bird out of the path where my son, who believes he can save every animal from itself, might find it.

Hours later, the bird made his way back to the center of the porch and my son spotted it. We did the “don’t touch it and it will be fine” dance for a bit. Eventually his persistence won out and he stuck out his finger and the bird hopped on for a ride.

My son gently carried the bird around to different grassy areas trying to explain how to fly. The bird would try and try to no avail and always hopped back on his finger. My very patient and very stubborn child stuck with it and nurtured the bird, found him food and water, spoke encouraging words and kept explaining how to fly.

Several hours later I saw he no longer had the bird with him. His face was long and eyes were sad. I asked if he gave up or the bird did. “Mom, he just flew off.” Immediately he smiled but I could tell he missed his little friend. If anyone could help that little fledgling fly, it was my son.

I told him how proud I was that he stuck with it and then I said,“it is hard when your baby leaves the nest.” He nodded and I quipped, “too bad I couldn’t teach you and your brother how to fly in one day.”

I left the work force nearly 10 years ago. I left a job I loved with an organization I adored. I left colleagues that felt more like family than “people I worked with.” I left not because I was unfulfilled, but because it was what I needed to do.

I quickly realized after having my second baby in less than a year and a half that childbirth is not few hour process but instead, for me and where I was, it would take several years to gently birth my children into the world. Then, I realized that the epidural would wear off and I would feel the discomfort and fear along with the joy and pride every step of the way.

I have now spent almost a decade birthing these sweet boys into the world and I find myself searching for what will come next. They are far from flying on their own right now. That day will come. Right now they are bouncing around from one grassy area to another and I am thankful for everyone in our lives who continue to guide them and nurture them.

2 Responses to Learning to Fly

  1. Carrie Prough says:

    I love it. Your words are so true. It is an amazing process.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Carrie! I am glad this post found someone. I have been pretty quiet lately, but a new venture may spur more regular posts.

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