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Earth Day Beauty

I have posted and intended to post something special for Earth Day every year.  Spring is such a busy time of the year, this no different than the past, and Earth Day often sneaks by me with very little note.  This year, however, I was prepared.  I had a lot of ideas.  I love to do posts on sustainability and community gardens.  I dream of the day when we have worm farm and I can post an announcement or update on my boys’ adventures with the worms.

This year was different in just the right way.  Francis Bacon said, “the best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”  How true it is and after several weeks with a sick family and more unknowns than I am comfortable with, beauty is what I needed and beauty is what I found.

IMG_0083 English Garden

This view is looking from the driveway up into the Formal Garden.  In this picture you can see the water feature, well manicured shrubs outlining each individual section, and the pavilion complete with a blue ceiling.  All of these are unique qualities of an English Garden.

IMG_0102 The Long Garden.

This portion of the garden reflects the intentional effort in an English Landscape Garden to create a place that displays an idealized view of nature often inspired many landscape artists.  Again, you will see the yard is immaculately manicured, wooded, and highlighted with beautiful bursts of color from patches of flowers.  All of this beauty highlights the focal point, an English Obelisk.  The rod-iron fence and graveled walkway, add a welcoming entrance into this home park.

IMG_0091 Kitchen Garden

My absolute favorite part of the garden was the kitchen garden.  Although it is still early in the season, you can see the potential for the amazing beauty that comes from an edible garden.  This area was full of thyme, basil, chives, as well as grapes and blackberries.  All of this is used by the gardener and shared with friends and neighbors.

IMG_0078 As I left I took special note of a hidden treasure….the rose bushes that line the wall of the quarters were FULL of buds.  It is only a matter of days before this wall will be full of color.

It was such a treat to get to visit and photograph this amazing little paradise.  What was most spectacular was the delight that came from the gardener.  Her enthusiasm exuded the beauty and wonderment of each detail as we walked through the garden and shared stories of childhood memories, common friends, and a mutual love for all things beautiful.

***Now, I am prepared with an abundance of natural ideas for kids and adults alike.  I will try to share them in the next few Friday’s…..a little weekend inspiration, you might say.  Until then, you must check out the blog of a family friend who has one of the most amazing gardens I have ever seen.

Happy Earth Day!