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The snow has melted and the sun has come out.  The trees and flowers got the memo and it is very welcome here at our home.  I cannot believe that this weekend is Easter.  This is the first year in nearly 7 years I have not hosted and this is what we have….bulbs in bloom.  Every year they are either a week early or a week late.  Oh well, such is life.  I am just so thankful for the sun.IMG_2614


And by Sunday…..they should all be beautiful!!!!

I have also been a little behind on getting out my Easter decorations.  But, I did make some new ones and got out a few of my favorites…including the very loud and very annoying dancing, singing, ducks.



And, who could forget the Vintage Annalee Mr. and Mrs. Bunny?  These were staples of Easter at my Grandmother’s house for years.  They are a little bit “loved” with new cotton tails and a little chocolate, but I love them still the same.  Imagine I pretty much had to pull them out of the dumpster after an attic cleaning at grandma’s house.  The best I can tell they are 18″ Vintage Mobilitee Bunnies circa 1971.  I am getting this date from a 6″ Annalee Bunny for sale on e-Bay with the same fabric clothes.  Either way, I love them!!!