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In Remembrance

One of the things I love about my church is their commitment to helping the children grasp the different concepts of the faith.  Tonight we went to the Family Good Friday Service.  We experienced some of the things Jesus and his friends felt and saw the day he died.

IMG_0583 We lifted a cross to see how heavy it might have been.

IMG_0587 We walked on a path of stones and talked about how Jesus must have felt.

IMG_0589 We tried to hold a whole bunch of balls by ourselves and talked about how difficult it is to do to many things by all by ourselves.

IMG_0592We wrote messages about things that had happened bad to us and who helped us.IMG_0595We thought about something sad that had happened in the past year and we prayed and put out a candle.

These are just a few of the experiences that were offered.  There were fifteen all culminating with the end message of Hope of the Resurrection.  We were not able to stay for it all…the boys were hungry, but they had a really great time and asked a lot of very insightful questions after the service.