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Lucye is 1

I write this post with anxious anticipation that my lost posts will be renewed and hope that countless other new beginnings are on the horizon.  Today is sweet Lucye Jane’s first birthday.  She was 365 days old yesterday, but thanks to Leap Year we have two days to celebrate her sweet life.  As do most celebrations with me and my sisters there is always a twinge of sadness for our mother.  Lucye shares the name and birth month of our mother’s mother and she has such a strong resemblance to the women on that side of the family it is almost unbelievable.

Lucye’s Maternal Grandmother, Patti (Left) and Lucye’s Maternal Great Grandmother, Lucye (Right).

Landlocked No More

Oklahoma gets a bad wrap.  Not all the time…it deserves an eye roll every time there is a shirtless man telling about the latest tornado.  Not to mention summers are HOT with only the relief of luke warm pools and dirty holes in the ground to cool off.  Winter is usually cold  with little snow and an abundance of ice.

But, things are really looking up around here.  We now have the Thunder, our local NBA team.  Devon is erecting a huge tower in downtown that will forever change our city’s skyline.  The Myriad Gardens have become a amazing place to spend an afternoon and I cannot get enough of the amazing restaurants and multiple art districts.

Law Man and I love our date nights.  Last week was no different.  I was feeling a little under the weather and he was running late so I killed a little time on Twitter.  @LudivineOKC was serving a Seafood Stew and it sounded delicious.  Much to my surprise, when LM walked in and said we were heading to Ludivine I was THRILLED and I knew exactly what I was going to order.  The Stew was delicious and I got a crazy hair that I could recreate this little bit of heaven.

Tuesday I stopped by Whole Foods (Oklahoma even has a Whole Foods now and it is minutes from my house).  I stocked up on fresh seafood (Squid, Scallops and EVEN Mussels) and headed down the bean aisle to find some dark colored lentils.  I measured out the correct amount and checked out.  I was sure not to close off the bag mussels because they “would suffocate” I was told.  Who knew they were still alive in the store?  Probably a stupid question, but I am in the middle of the landlocked states.

It took me a good 24 hours to find the courage to combine the two recipes that I thought I could adjust to create just the meal I was going for, but I did it.  Last night I, Amy Curran, made a seafood stew from scratch….fresh fish and all.  And, it did not disappoint.  I will definitely make this stew again.  Next time I will invite over some friends because it made enough for the entire street.  So, I am officially landlocked no more.

International Bacon Day

In honor of International Bacon Day!!!  Thanks Aunt Cindy for not allowing me to miss this important day.


Not in My House — Foodie Lesson 2

Foodie is all too often viewed in a negative light.  Some think that it implies that you are a luxury snob or knowledge snob.  I strongly disagree.  I will freely admit that I can be a hotel snob and the State Fair continues to yuck me out.  However, foodie is not a term of snobbishness.  Foodie, to me, implies an interest in how food is made, prepared, its cultural background, emotion that is evoked and much, much, more.

Are Foodies emotional eaters?  No, you are totally missing the point.  A Foodie just recognizes that there is often emotion evoked in the smells and tastes of food from our past.  Remember the holiday stuffing?!?!  How can you forget the stuffing?

Foodies only go to exclusive restaurants and eateries?  Again, no.  Foodies like to go to places who think about what they are serving.  They get just as hyped when they are at a BBQ joint in Colorado that serves Fried Green Tomatoes as a side option (I *heart* Kirby Cosmos) as they do when they go to the upscale, all local, ever changing Ludivine here in OKC.

Wikipedia defines a foodie as different from gourmets in that “gourmets are epicures of refined taste, whereas foodies are amateurs who simply love food for consumption, study, preparation, and news. Gourmets simply want to eat the best food, whereas foodies want to learn everything about food, both the best and the ordinary, and about the science, industry, and personalities surrounding food.”

They go on to explain, “typical foodie interests and activities include the food industry, wineries and wine tasting, breweries and beer sampling, food science, following restaurant openings and closings and occasionally reopenings, food distribution, food fads, health and nutrition, cooking classes, culinary tourism, and restaurant management.”  For me it Foodie also implies local food, wine, beer, restaurants, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, etc.

You get the picture?!?!  If not, how about a little list to simplify the situation a bit.

You might be a Foodie if:

  • you LOVE to take pictures of well plated food…..or any food for that matter.
  • you often tell your dining companions that they should pick something to eat that they are “passionate” about.  (Usually they look at you like you are totally crazy.)
  • you much prefer to go to a restaurant that has a chef rather than a daily special.
  • you have an internal rule to never order the same thing twice.
  • you want to be the first of your friends and family to go to a new restaurant or grocery store so you can form your own, unbiased opinion.
  • you research restaurants and breweries in cities you visit more than the hotel or shopping.
  • you would rather have water than a Budweiser or Coors product.
  • every season you pick a dish “to master” and then you make every foodie you know try it and give their opinion.
  • you think presentation is as much of a part of the dining experience as the food itself.
  • when people ask you how your vacation went and you tell them where you ate.
  • you know whether Mangalista is a vegetable, breed of pig, or a type of pasta.
I am sure there are a lot more, but I think you get the picture.  What are your opinions of the word Foodie?

Vancouver Revisited

Every time I travel, I have all intentions of documenting our trip here on my blog. I take pictures, a lot of pictures, I collect menus, I make mental notes, I have even started “checking in” with Facebook along the way in case I lose my pictures or notes in a tragic accident.  Upon return, the same thing happens…..kids are out of their routine, I am tired and behind on laundry, I realize that I have a list of “things I will do as soon as I return” and all of my intentions go by the wayside.

Now, a year after we spent an amazing week in Vancouver, BC for our 10 year wedding anniversary, I have been asked to make recommendations.  My brain immediately went to the blog entry I wrote…..oh wait….intended to write.  Then I surfed the web trying to remember the exact name of the places where pictures like


and this were taken.

I Googled things like “bacon fried rice” and “modern thai”.  I flipped through all of my pictures and regretted that I deleted the few I had taken to document the names of the restaurants.  Why?!?!  Why?!?!  Why?!?!

So, here I go, I am going to break my writers block and start with a few of the places we enjoyed complete with my personal recommendations.  Now, I will say, I am not a professional food reviewer…..more to come on that later.  However, I am not giving these recommendations by request of the owner, under duress, or for any type of compensation…..although, if one of the establishments likes my comments and wants to compensate me in kind they may feel free to do so…..and fly me back to Vancouver immediately.

I digress……the bottom line is that I *heart* Vancouver.  It was an amazing trip.  Just enough adventure and rest to reflect on our marriage over the past 10 years.  Law Man can rarely…..okay, never, get out of town for more than a long weekend.  This is another issue, but for our anniversary trip, he made an exception.  We planned to be in Canada for 8 days.  This led to a bit of a planning problem…..solution….we had three mini trips in one.  This allowed us to see and experience different parts of the area, kept us from getting bored 🙂 and kept things in our budget very nicely.

Mini Trip 1:  Downtown Vancouver (4 days)

We spent the longest portion of our trip here where we made our best attempt to balance between local living and just seeing the sites. The best part was spending one day laying on the beach and the next…20 minutes away at the top of a snowy peak.  The highlights were:

Exploring Stanley Park

Biking around the Sea Wall

Don’t let this sign or anyone talk you out of the hike…..it is tough, but short and so much fun!  Added bonus…..the beer tastes better at the top after a hike.

The Grouse Grind……there is a great restaurant at the top with very cold beer and a great view.

The Celebration of Light…..this was awesome!  We were so excited to find out we would be in Vancouver during this event.  The fireworks were like nothing I had ever seen before and the people…..we are talking thousands….all over the city.  They shoot the fireworks off of two 500 ft. barges in the English Bay.  We watched the fireworks from the Burrard Bridge.  This was as wild as we saw the laid back Canadians get.

Favorite restaurants:

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen….this is where we shared the Bacon Fried Rice.  TASTY!

all of the casual little pubs around Stanley Park

Mini Trip 2:  Sunset Coast (3 days)

This was my attempt to, “forgo the individual rooms and stay together in a luxury suite”….it was our 10 year anniversary.  Highlights:

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort  this was recommended to me through a personal blog.  I have searched and searched for its source and NOTHING.  I will say I was not the least bit disappointed.  We stayed in a Tenthouse and had a wonderful time exploring the area.

Sea Kayaking  there are no words…..well, maybe one, INCREDIBLE.

The seals, the starfish, the bald eagles…it was beautiful.


There were not a lot of restaurants in the area so we ate at the hotel every night and it was really good.  They had something different every night and I was really impressed.

Mini Trip 3: (1.5 Days) Downtown Vancouver….a little more upscale

We had to go back to Vancouver before we flew out and I took this opportunity to stay at a really great hotel I discovered while researching the trip.  Highlights:

The Loden ….it was beautiful and in a beautiful part of downtown.  I *heart* boutique hotels.

Urban Fare….a gourmet grocery store to end all gourmet grocery stores.  Sorry, I am a foodie at heart.


Le Crocodile amazing French Cuisine with “West Coast Flair”……I *heart* West Coast Flair.  We opted to partake in the Chef’s Tasting Menu and were not disappointed.

So, here is our trip in a nutshell.  If you make it to Vancouver, give some of these places a try and let me know what you think.