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Primer on Foodie Movies: Lesson 1


I posted a question into the Twitterverse last week asking, What are your favorite foodie movies?  I did not get one single response.  Apparently I am the only one who keeps a running list of foodie movies.  That is a sad state of affairs people.  The only response I did get….I assume….was an invite to the First Annual Foodie Film Festival here in OKC.  I will be attending and if you follow this Primer Series, you will be ready and informed to participate too.

In that vain, I am going to do a mini-series of posts to educate my readers on Foodie Movies.  While, we are going through this, please feel free to make comments, ask questions or just totally disagree.  This should be fun!

To kick things off, how about we talk about 5 similarities between Vampire Movies and Foodie Movies.  Full disclosure** I am not really a fan of vampire movies or television shows with heavy bloodsucking themes.  I understand they are a big deal right now, but they just do not peak my interest.  However, I do think there are some similarities between Vampire Films and Foodie Flims that might help others find an appreciation for the latter.


  1. Death(or lack there of) & Food — Universality:  These are themes that have been around for ever and no matter what part of the world you are from you have to have food and you will die.
  2. The first kill & Learning to boil an egg — Growth and Initiation:  In most all great Vampire Films and Foodie Flicks there is a great deal of the plot focusing on learning the trade, so to speak.  Learning to master that perfect meal, on one hand.  And mastering the art of surviving eternal life.
  3. Flickering candles & Laying out all of the ingredients– Ritual:  Everyone who cooks has some sort of ritual.  I love to spend days researching and planning each course of a good meal.  I hunt all over town for the best ingredients.  Pour myself a glass of red wine.  Then, the ritual of actually preparing the meal begins.  Those of us who adore this process, like to watch the process of others.  Hence another big theme in Foodie Movies.  For Vampire movies, I can only assume it is similar to the ritual of becoming a bloodsucking corpse.  Although the ritual varies it is always present.
  4. Incense, chants, exchange of power & Spices, kitchen sounds, food on the lips of the characters — Sensuality:  This can mean sensuality in a sexual way.  But, both types of film appeal to us because of the way they fulfill all of the senses.
  5. The Handsome Protagonist & The Kitchen or raw food — Lust:  Let’s just agree that if the sound goes out or the plot spirals in circles, as long as we have something to lust over, we are going to keep watching.


By the way, if I disappear off the face of the earth in the future and someone decides to look at the history on my browser PLEASE tell them I did not run off to join a Vampire Cult.I had to do some research for this little post.