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Death and Resurrection

I have considered myself a writer since I was very young.  At times a very nonproductive writer, but a writer still the same.  I love words and quotes and book titles.  I am always interested in hearing about the process of writing and how a piece, short or long, came to be.  I have beaten myself up for not writing well, but looking back I have noticed something.  When I find myself really content and happy, I take a lot of pictures.  And when I find myself really lost and frightened, I write.  So, how is this going to play out?  Do I try to cultivate the content and happy therefore ignoring the healing that may take place?  Or do I attempt to maintain a state of being lost and frightened and ignore the beautiful things in my life.  For obvious reasons, neither sound very appealing.  Recently I revisited an interview that I absolutely love.  It is Krista Tippett interviewing Nadia Boltz-Weber at the Wild Goose Festival last summer.  In it Boltz-Weber talks about Christian life being a life of continual death and resurrection.  This idea ressonated with me on several levels.  First, as a past seminary student, I have a deep passion for advent and lent, the seasons of the Church calendar that prepare us for both (re)birth and death.  On another level it expresses in such a thoughtful way that this pendulum between death and resurrection is naturally swinging inside all of us.  Depending on our gender, station in life, family status and religious leaning we are expected to handle the back in forth in various ways, but the pendulum continues to swing.

I Had A Novel Idea

I think I will write a novel.  I have always imagined my first book being creative nonfiction along the lines of Anne Lamott.  I have spent the better part of five years agonizing over this decision and then, today, at the gym, it came to me.  I was cramming in a noon workout and noticed the people that I had seen walk in while I was on the StairMaster had changed for their workout by the time I was finished.  It was one man.  A hipster dressed head to toe in camel corduroy.  I noticed him because I started wondering what profession allows a long haired man with a full beard and Ray Ban glasses to wear a corduroy suit here in Oklahoma.  As I walked out, I passed what I vaguely realized to be the same man in a KATT T-shirt circa 1992 with the arms torn out and cargo shorts.  I knew there must be more to this man then his wardrobe was conveying.

Inspiration to Go Out On the Edge of the Cliff

I am always looking for inspiration to take risks.  One of my favorite television shows that is on right now is Sunday Morning on CBS.  This week there was an interview with Laura Dern who stars in the HBO series Enlightened.  It was a fine interview where she shared her story about becoming an actress with parents who were both in the business.  Of course, her mother didn’t want her to pursue it in fear that she would be hurt.

What I like most about this show is its tendency to keep the cameras rolling for the casual comments that often make the entire interview.  At the very end, they cut to her father and he states the advice that he has given Laura from the beginning.  “When you take a role, go out on the edge of the cliff.”

What great advice and to come from her father makes it even more powerful.  That is the way I want to live my life, particularly with regard to my writing.

A Jaunt Around the Block

And yes, this is my dog chasing my car home.  We have a much better relationship now that I let her have a daily jaunt around the block…..it is ruining my relationship with some neighbors I am sure…but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.  

Writers Block.  It makes me crazy.  It is particularly difficult when you write about something as general as life.  How can nothing in my life be exciting or beautiful or infuriating?  I have sat at my computer and gone out with my camera and nothing….seriously, nothing.  Not a single photo made or word written.  Pathetic.  

Christmas Recap — Preparation and Dickens

December was a blur and January sped by, but I don’t want to get much further into 2012 without a little Christmas recap.  I think I will just approach this the same way Law Man has approached taking down the Christmas Lights….”If you want to complain about how long they stay up, I won’t put them up next year.”  Yes, they are still up but I am not saying a word.  On that note, here is how we prepared for Christmas 2011.  ***Enjoy a few random Christmas Carol Quotes in honor of Charles Dickens’ 200th Birthday.