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Young Love

The boys spent hours over the weekend preparing Valentine’s for their classmates.  We usually do this over a snow day, but since we did not have one this year, we were a little behind.   I am always so impressed how excited they get about Valentine’s Day and how hard they work to get each one just so.

Little guy has been pointing out “romance” every time he sees it.  I have no idea where he learned that word, but he seems to have a good understanding of its meaning.  “Look at this romance,” he says when he sees people kissing, or hugging or smiling at each other.  He cracks me up.


Big Guy has become more and more squeamish about all things romantic or sweet.  He has scolded me all week about referring to his friends parents as their “mommy or daddy”.  “It’s mom and dad,” he demands while rolling his eyes.  He is starting to not like his picture taken as much especially when he is doing something sweet…..like making Valentine’s.

Christmas Recap — Preparation and Dickens

December was a blur and January sped by, but I don’t want to get much further into 2012 without a little Christmas recap.  I think I will just approach this the same way Law Man has approached taking down the Christmas Lights….”If you want to complain about how long they stay up, I won’t put them up next year.”  Yes, they are still up but I am not saying a word.  On that note, here is how we prepared for Christmas 2011.  ***Enjoy a few random Christmas Carol Quotes in honor of Charles Dickens’ 200th Birthday.

Letter to Lucye


 The first week of 2012 has been full of reflection and resolution.  In cleaning up my computer to speed things up a bit, I came across a letter I wrote to my niece who was born last March.  I have a special place in my heart for each of my children and all of my nieces and nephews, but it is a strange thing to look at this little girl and see so much of my mother and grandmother.  Little LuLu has brought us all so much joy!

February 24, 2011 (Eleven days after I spent the day praying for sweet Jude Eli and two days after we spent all evening playing family charades trying to cajole Little LJ out….I just realized I never posted about this.  Tomorrow!!!  I promise.)

Dear Lucye,

I am sitting down to write you a letter because you and your mom are all I can think about this morning.  We are so excited about your arrival, but your mom is being stubborn and is insisting that she stay with her 5th grade class until you are “really ready” to be born.

There are several reasons I am so excited for your arrival….the pink, the bows, the shopping….although I am not a big shopper…..and our future trips to New York and Paris.  I am also excited about what your birth will represent.  The past few years have been so painful for your mom, Aunt Mary and me.  We loved our mother, your grandmother so much, but it became clear that we could not save her and she finally gave up the fight.  That was one of the biggest defeats of my life and I am sure my sisters would say the same.

Your birth feels like a new start.  Not a complete do over, just a new bud on a tree that has been dormant for awhile.  I love your brother’s name, Jesse.  Every time I hear it I am reminded of the verse in the Bible that is included to trace the genealogy of Christ.  “There shall come a shoot from the stump of Jesse…”  Isaiah 11.  You represent what is left.  Not just the memory of your grandmother, but a legacy.  A legacy that although went through a dormant phase, is still present.  It is a legacy that came from generations of love and struggle, from both you mother’s family and the family of your father.  It gives us permission to take our family story and go on to create another chapter.  This is the chapter where we can decide the ending and can heal from the past.

Your name and gender are such clear signs of this transformation, but your brothers and cousins are equally a part of the destiny of this family.  Your aunts and uncles, mom and dad, will do our best to lead you in a way that allows you to find peace and happiness, but as you get older, the hard part will be up to you.  You alone can decide what God’s plans are for your life.

Your mother is one of the strongest people I know….in fact, at times this is her weakness.  My prayer for you is that you find strength in your relationships with others and let them hold you up when you feel weak.  Your mother is also stubborn, she willed your brothers into this world and she is willing you into being as well.  I anticipate you will inherit this characteristic too.  Use it wisely, it can either lift you up or hold you down.

I know in my heart your grandma Patti is holding you right now, ready to hand you into our care; we are ready.  Kiss her for us….it is time for you to arrive.

We will love you forever!  Please let her know that it is her love and devotion that will be our family legacy.

Aunt Amy

Resolution Week

This is the first year Big Guy has asked about resolutions. I am not sure he can completely grasp this concept, but he understands it enough to deem this week, Resolution Week. The week where apparently I, a.k.a. Mom, helps the kids by setting resolutions.

Score! I will make the most of this! 🙂

So, we have two resolutions that we have been painstakingly working on over the past few days.

1. Get ourselves dressed. This is a no brainer for Big Guy, but Little Guy is not super confident with the idea. I realized that I have just been throwing clothes on him each morning and evening so we are not late to take Big Guy to his next event. BAD MOM! I am trying to correct my ways….but I am paying for it now.

2. Practice Healthy Eating. We are fairly healthy eaters, but a few bad habits have snuck in while we were busy living life. So, I have introduced a two part plan that really seems to be working. (I must post about it now in case it does not survive the weekend.) Snack time has become a frequent trip to our “snack drawer” full of processed food ridden with sugar and carbs and the boys are ALWAYS hungry. So, starting yesterday, we have a “snack tray” that sits on the table from after school until dinner time. I will place 5-7 healthy but good snacks and they may munch on anything they want whenever they are hungry after school. I told them I will always have one item I know they love and every week there will be something they have never tried before.

Much to my surprise, they both think this is the greatest thing ever. They ate and ate and never finished all of the snacks. They did not ask for anything all afternoon and we made it to 6:30 and had a healthy dinner with Law Man. (This almost never happens…..usually by 5ish I make them dinner to squelch the snacking that I have lost control over.) They are even asking for me to find new things to put on the tray.

Part 2….simple. They no longer are able to ask for desert after dinner…..a habit we have picked up from Law Man’s side of the family. If I notice that they have willingly participated in healthy eating throughout the day, I may offer them a suitable “desert”.

2012 is off to a Good Mom Year. It may only last a few days…..but I will take it!

A Holiday for ME….JOY!

I heard on the radio today that it is National Housewife Day.  It made me laugh.  I made the very difficult choice (for me, anyway) to stop working when I had my second baby.  December 15, 2006 was my last day of work.  I had a one day year old and a 16 month old.  It was not exactly what I was expecting.  I thought I would have so much time on my hands to keep my house perfect, meet all of my kids needs, be at the beckon call of any family and close friends that needed help during the week.  I could be the ideal wife and start all sorts of new hobbies.

I know all of you older and wiser people are shaking your heads as you read this, but I honestly did think this was how life was going to be.  I never liked the phrase stay-at-home mom and SAHM makes me crazy.  I am not a housewife……or homemaker…..I am married to Law Man and I couldn’t keep a shoe box in immaculate order if my life depended on it, much less a home.  A friend recently put it to me this way, “we stay home to raise spectacular people who will go into the world feeling loved and accepted for who they are.”  This comes the closest to my feelings although this somewhat implies perfection and their is nothing about parenthood that is perfect.  I never sat expected this to be the place my life would end up.  I always thought I would work and have children.  Back to my never say never disorder.

Things have changed so much since I stopped working….for money….it does not make me feel any better to call what I do now “my new work”.  Because frankly, who is going to fire me?  And there is, for sure, no one paying me?  I get evaluated by everyone I meet, but it is not the same.  More terrifying than the decision to stop working is the realization that someday I may reenter the workforce.  Big things that have changed.

  1. There was no such thing as an iPhone…..imagine doing your job without a smart phone.  There was definitely no iPad….that would have been awesome!
  2. DSLR cameras, as we know them, did not exist.
  3. TOM’S Shoes were just coming out.
  4. We still did not think we would have a black President of the United States of America.
  5. Unemployment has almost doubled.
Most of these are popular changes, but I would bore you to tears with all of the changes to my past profession…..and, frankly, I have been so out of the loop, I can only guess what they are.
Needless to say, when I think about going back to work it is a little scary.  I generally love my life.  Although it keeps me more busy than I prefer, I try really hard to balance things between being a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister and a want to be artist and writer.
The one thing that I have learned in the last 5 years is that people come into this role for different reasons and have very different experiences throughout.  It has helped me to become self-motivated (it would be very easy to lounge around in all of my alone time), I can sufficiently entertain myself, I am more self-relient than I ever knew and those Angels……I love my Angels.
So, to all of you out there enjoying the bonbons like I am, Happy Housewife Day!