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A Preschool Lesson in Beheading

IMG_0857We woke up this morning, checked the calendar and realized that it was….”Show and tell…..dress and tell about your favorite nursery rhyme” Day.   I asked Little Guy what Nursery Rhyme he wanted to tell about and he chose “Jack and Jill”.  So, in a panic, we made a crown after discussing this was really referring to Jack’s Head, not an actual crown…..he was confused.  Then, because he didn’t want to break his piece of art, we grabbed a band aid and a pail and off we went.

IMG_0861 He was so proud…..he was trying to decide who would be the Jack to his Jill the whole way to school.


He had a great performance.

IMG_0879 Complete with gestures and the band aid.

We applauded.  He was super excited.  Then, he sat patiently while his friends did their presentations.

After school, I started thinking….because this is how my mind goes…..I wonder what the history is of Jack and Jill.  After all, my background is in Medieval History, Women’s Studies and Religion.   I was familiar with Ring Around the Rosie retelling the Bubonic Plague and Humpty Dumpty representing the cannon near St. Mary’s Church in England.  But, Jack and Jill….it must just be a cute rhyme.

I have to say I was pleased when I realized it is the “cleaned up” version of one of the more interesting couples in history.  It is said to represent the beheading of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  Way to Go!!!, Little Guy!  A great selection!

IMG_0883 We had a great rendition of the Wars of the Roses with “The Grand ‘Ole Duke of York”

IMG_0903 A little Shakespere with “Hey, Diddle Diddle”….only the Giraffe jumped over the moon.

IMG_0890 And, you cannot finish the 4 year old study of nursery rhymes without “Three Blind Mice.”  The story of “Bloody Mary”, or Mary Queen I, who, among other things, is said to have had three noblemen burned at the stake because they would not denounce their Protestant beliefs.  Ironically, this mouse is Jewish.  What a day in Preschool!  Note the ears made by her amazing grandmother behind her!!!






Handmade Valentines

One of my go to project for snow day(s) are handmade Valentines for the boys to make for their school buddies.  So, the first thing I did when I received word that we Oklahoma City was expecting the Snow Storm of the Year was buy research some ideas and buy supplies.

Last year, we made precious handmade crayons….I loved how they turned out.

This year, I threw out several ideas….all were quickly turned down by my big guy….but, finally I hit on a winner.  VALENTINE ROBOTS.

They turned out so cute…..here is what we did.






I found some paint to further decorate them….but I kind of like how they look without.

What are you making during this snow storm?

Where R We????

Another Wednesday and another Where R We?

A few hints:

1.  It is hot….really hot!!!!

2.  It is dangerous….really dangerous!!!!

3.  It is art.

4.  It is four blocks from my house!

5.  The boys beg me to take them over and over again.

Need more hints!!!



Any guesses????  I will post the location tomorrow!!!!

Holding Out

I have been holding out on you all a little bit.  I committed to something knit and something painted each month.  I have done it, but I haven’t posted.  So, here goes.

DSC05085 March Painting.  Inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  I still have not seen the movie. 🙁

DSC05055 March Knitting (It is a cupcake hat)


April Painting

***April knitting is going out as a gift…..I will post a pic once it is delivered….but, don’t get too excited….it looks a lot like March’s Knit.

Oh, yea…Here is February….It was a rough month.  The painting was AWFUL… and the knitting….well…ehhh.  But, here they are.

DSC04903 ….The Brown Cowl…..I did not knit the friend next to me.  That would be interesting though.

IMG_2073 Blah!!!  I can’t believe I am showing this to anyone.


My big guy seems to be inspired…. his teacher gave me this to bring home today….his rendition on Van Gogh…I love it!  It is sure to make it up onto the art wall.  It was basically sketched out for him and he did all of the color!  I think he is a natural.  I love how he blends the colors together.  🙂

Now, get excited…….I am changing mediums for May.  Any requests?  Just no oil,  oil scares me.

Erin Go Bragh

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  I have a special love for SPD since I became a Curran!!!  I grew up a Brown….and never really had a heritage!  Since, I always pretended to be a redhead, I married into a family of redheads….and they are Irish!!!  Well, sort of…needless to say I struck out in the redhead department.  But, I do get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a little more enthusiasm.

So, here is how we are celebrating this year….


I ironed my favorite white linen tablecloth and used my random green pieces to celebrate the holiday!!!!


My favorite green piece is a little box that my grandmother gave me.  It is said to be a “first curl” box and actually holds a curl of my great grandmother’s hair…I know, it is a little weird, but I think it is beautiful and a neat thing to have.

DSC04893 Then, just for good measure, I had to put some glittery Leprechaun hats on the mantle just to torment the children…..not really, I just really like them.

That is it for decor…..a bit cheesy, but the boys love to see the house with a few details to celebrate whatever holiday is coming.


Then, nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like GREEN play dough. And now it covers my kitchen floor….but, a good time was had by all.

IMG_0797 Finally, the big celebration will come when the Curran Cousins Convene over here on Saturday for a little Green Chili.