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The Time is Now

When we got married eleven years ago, I said, “I will never live in Oklahoma City.”  What did I tell you, this is a chronic problem for me.  Law Man and I were going somewhere exciting.  We wanted to meet new people and have new experiences.  I dreamed of a urban area where everyone we knew lived centrally, neighbors were a mix of artists and professionals and culture that went beyond the annual Nutcracker Ballet.  He dreamed of professional athletic teams, world class sports and urban adventure.

Yay!!!  We did it.  We have all of these things and more and yes, we do live in Oklahoma City.  We spend Friday nights at one of the Art Districts monthly events or dining at one of our favorite local restaurants.  The kids love to scooter down by the Oklahoma River and we all love to wander around the Myriad Gardens.  Twenty third street is unrecognizable.  I remember when we laughed at the idea of outside eating feet from the busy street with almost constant sirens.  Now, take your pick…..a Mary Poppins at Cuppies and Joe, the Rancher at Big Truck Tacos, a bacon wrapped dog from Mutts Amazing Hot Dogs or the classic Tucker’s onion burger.  Oh yes….and we have a brewery and Coop Ale Works is an awesome one!!!  Now, if only they would brew me a Pumpkin Ale, life would be perfect.

This weekend is the bookend two of the most amazing weekends we have here in Oklahoma City.  I have posted in the past the excitement that makes up OKC the last week of April.  Now, we have the second weekend in October.  There is so much going on I will list out my favs at the end of the post.  But, the one thing that these two special weekends have in common are the Myriad Gardens.

If you visit R&TM often, you know I have a crazy love affair with public places. Remember, last year my excitement led me to throw a 100th Birthday celebration for the park down the street.

The concept for the downtown gardens developed in 1964 when Dean McGee initiated a revitalization plan for the downtown area.  The 17 acres was purchased in 1975 over the next 10 years the project, including the Botanical Gardens, came to fruition as money became available.  Since then, things have been rough.  Remember the Banking Crisis of the 1980’s and the Oil Bust of the 1990’s?  The Garden took a hit like the rest of the state, but thanks to many generous people, they were able to maintain with fairly mild wear and tear.

In the past several years as Oklahoma City leaders have looked to again revitalize our city, the remaining 15 acres of the Myriad Gardens was included in the plan.  This weekend will be the grand opening, the Festival on the Green as it has become known.  There is now a dog park, several stages including a remodeled water stage, a children’s area and hope of a restaurant….have you seen Mr. Popper’s Penguins????  You get the idea.  LOVE IT!!!  The boys and I are beyond excited for the opening and I assume you know where I will be a good part of Saturday and I will have my camera.

IMG_6204Lawn before the renovation…..Arts Festival 2009, I think.

IMG_7451Botanical Garden’s Pre Renovation

IMG_7467Another look…

IMG_1790Beautiful Cardinal at Gardens after Ice Storm

IMG_5303Preview of new Renovated Botanical Gardens

IMG_5304Preview of one of the New Stages

IMG_5305One last teaser preview….


Other events you won’t want to miss….

Heritage Hills Home and Garden’s Tour

Mesta Festa

Desmond Mason Art Show at LIVE on the Plaza

@1614 | Desmond Mason from christopher hunt on Vimeo.


and I really wish I was going to get to see The Man From Earth….another time.



….the one reason.

I absolutely love my life.  But, I am the first one to say that it is not easy.  So much has happened to shape me into the person, the mother, the wife, the sister and the friend that I am.  I am learning each day to be thankful instead of hurt and angry.  I have been beating this crazy heat wave by holding as still as possible and watching random Netflix movies.  Last weekend I watched the documentary, Secrets to Love.

The director put this film together after going through her own divorce as a way to find out how others could avoid the pain that she went through.  It got me thinking.  I never expected a Cinderella story…..I have always been too much of a feminist to buy what they she was selling.  However, I will say.  When my parents told me they would never get divorced, I, like so many others, believed them.  Then life happened.  My parents did get divorced and, in a lot of ways, I thought this would make things better.  Needless to say, it has led to me not knowing what to say when my own children ask about divorce.  “Never say never,” just doesn’t sound very comforting to a four and five year old.

What I found surprising about the documentary was not that these people found their soulmate or never had any devastating life experiences.  What was really eyeopening was that all of these couples disappointed themselves and especially their spouses.  The secret of love seems to be simple……stay focused on “the one reason”.

As I reflect on my 11th year of my year of marriage, I am thankful for “the one reason” and our sense of humor.



Vancouver Revisited

Every time I travel, I have all intentions of documenting our trip here on my blog. I take pictures, a lot of pictures, I collect menus, I make mental notes, I have even started “checking in” with Facebook along the way in case I lose my pictures or notes in a tragic accident.  Upon return, the same thing happens…..kids are out of their routine, I am tired and behind on laundry, I realize that I have a list of “things I will do as soon as I return” and all of my intentions go by the wayside.

Now, a year after we spent an amazing week in Vancouver, BC for our 10 year wedding anniversary, I have been asked to make recommendations.  My brain immediately went to the blog entry I wrote…..oh wait….intended to write.  Then I surfed the web trying to remember the exact name of the places where pictures like


and this were taken.

I Googled things like “bacon fried rice” and “modern thai”.  I flipped through all of my pictures and regretted that I deleted the few I had taken to document the names of the restaurants.  Why?!?!  Why?!?!  Why?!?!

So, here I go, I am going to break my writers block and start with a few of the places we enjoyed complete with my personal recommendations.  Now, I will say, I am not a professional food reviewer…..more to come on that later.  However, I am not giving these recommendations by request of the owner, under duress, or for any type of compensation…..although, if one of the establishments likes my comments and wants to compensate me in kind they may feel free to do so…..and fly me back to Vancouver immediately.

I digress……the bottom line is that I *heart* Vancouver.  It was an amazing trip.  Just enough adventure and rest to reflect on our marriage over the past 10 years.  Law Man can rarely…..okay, never, get out of town for more than a long weekend.  This is another issue, but for our anniversary trip, he made an exception.  We planned to be in Canada for 8 days.  This led to a bit of a planning problem…..solution….we had three mini trips in one.  This allowed us to see and experience different parts of the area, kept us from getting bored 🙂 and kept things in our budget very nicely.

Mini Trip 1:  Downtown Vancouver (4 days)

We spent the longest portion of our trip here where we made our best attempt to balance between local living and just seeing the sites. The best part was spending one day laying on the beach and the next…20 minutes away at the top of a snowy peak.  The highlights were:

Exploring Stanley Park

Biking around the Sea Wall

Don’t let this sign or anyone talk you out of the hike…..it is tough, but short and so much fun!  Added bonus…..the beer tastes better at the top after a hike.

The Grouse Grind……there is a great restaurant at the top with very cold beer and a great view.

The Celebration of Light…..this was awesome!  We were so excited to find out we would be in Vancouver during this event.  The fireworks were like nothing I had ever seen before and the people…..we are talking thousands….all over the city.  They shoot the fireworks off of two 500 ft. barges in the English Bay.  We watched the fireworks from the Burrard Bridge.  This was as wild as we saw the laid back Canadians get.

Favorite restaurants:

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen….this is where we shared the Bacon Fried Rice.  TASTY!

all of the casual little pubs around Stanley Park

Mini Trip 2:  Sunset Coast (3 days)

This was my attempt to, “forgo the individual rooms and stay together in a luxury suite”….it was our 10 year anniversary.  Highlights:

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort  this was recommended to me through a personal blog.  I have searched and searched for its source and NOTHING.  I will say I was not the least bit disappointed.  We stayed in a Tenthouse and had a wonderful time exploring the area.

Sea Kayaking  there are no words…..well, maybe one, INCREDIBLE.

The seals, the starfish, the bald eagles…it was beautiful.


There were not a lot of restaurants in the area so we ate at the hotel every night and it was really good.  They had something different every night and I was really impressed.

Mini Trip 3: (1.5 Days) Downtown Vancouver….a little more upscale

We had to go back to Vancouver before we flew out and I took this opportunity to stay at a really great hotel I discovered while researching the trip.  Highlights:

The Loden ….it was beautiful and in a beautiful part of downtown.  I *heart* boutique hotels.

Urban Fare….a gourmet grocery store to end all gourmet grocery stores.  Sorry, I am a foodie at heart.


Le Crocodile amazing French Cuisine with “West Coast Flair”……I *heart* West Coast Flair.  We opted to partake in the Chef’s Tasting Menu and were not disappointed.

So, here is our trip in a nutshell.  If you make it to Vancouver, give some of these places a try and let me know what you think.

We are back….*I think*

Things have been a bit dicey around our house lately….it started with this…

IMG_0317 (Both boys were diagnosed with Strep and suspected to have the flu.)

Then, Law Man was put on antibiotics for some suspicious bacterial infection…not strep.

Two days later….this…

IMG_0357 I was diagnosed with the Flu….type A….because I listened to my pediatrician and did NOT get a flu shot….since, “everyone was getting type B”.

Somewhere in here was Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day….and then….

IMG_0381 Law Man woke up with half of his face numb….long story short….over the following 8 days his conditioned worsened, we saw four different doctors, had an MRI, and finally received the diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

He is doing better now, but he is still not 100%.  Needless to say, it has been a scary time……but, I have realized more than ever that I am right where I need to be in my life right now….and, we have some of the best friends and family.  They have called us, sent us flowers, made us dinner, helped with the kiddos….the list goes on and on.

I also had a real taste of “for better and for worse, through sickness and health.”  Law Man and I make a great team.  More on that another time.


It’s Law Man’s Big Day


Bless his sweet heart.  It is Law Man’s Birthday today.  A year ago I gave him the best gift ever….a Blog Name. (Note the sarcasm!)  This year, the gift is even better.  Here is the back story….

Law Man is very passionate about the practice of law.  How is that for politically correct?  Anyway, despite this, he is even more passionate about our precious, yet sometimes whiny, little family.  For Christmas this year, he asked for a photo book of all of the pictures he had heard me refer to taking over the last year.  I was shocked at how many he was surprised to see.  What often seems like the everyday mundane to me, was so special to him.  I really wanted to make a commitment to share more of our everyday life with him…..more regularly.

So…I thought……and I researched….and I reflected back on our friends that committed to do Project 365 together as a couple and voile….this is what I came up with…..

Project Curran 365

Here are the rules…..each of us must publish one picture to Twitter that we take everyday by midnight from January 19, 2011 until January 18, 2012.   Each picture will be labeled with our name and date along with optional caption.

There are several ways you all can follow our project if you are so inclined….


*Follow Readandtellme and Lawmanokc on Instagram with your mobile device

Subscribe to the Flickr Set…..Curran365

Or….just check it out on the sidebar of my blog!

(*There may be more than one pictures per day on this site….this is how we will be sharing our fun lives on the go.)

Feel free to leave him a note in the comments and I will pass the love along.  Still working on 25 in 25…..I am a little behind, but I will catch up.  I had some behind the scene work that had to be done.  Do your part…comment.  FYI….if you are following the RSS feed that is on the right sidebar, I have no idea…so, to be entered into the drawing for 25 of my Favorite Things be sure to comment (1 entry for each comment), Like on Facebook, (1 entry)  or link to my blog on your blog (2 entries).