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Resolution Week

This is the first year Big Guy has asked about resolutions. I am not sure he can completely grasp this concept, but he understands it enough to deem this week, Resolution Week. The week where apparently I, a.k.a. Mom, helps the kids by setting resolutions.

Score! I will make the most of this! 🙂

So, we have two resolutions that we have been painstakingly working on over the past few days.

1. Get ourselves dressed. This is a no brainer for Big Guy, but Little Guy is not super confident with the idea. I realized that I have just been throwing clothes on him each morning and evening so we are not late to take Big Guy to his next event. BAD MOM! I am trying to correct my ways….but I am paying for it now.

2. Practice Healthy Eating. We are fairly healthy eaters, but a few bad habits have snuck in while we were busy living life. So, I have introduced a two part plan that really seems to be working. (I must post about it now in case it does not survive the weekend.) Snack time has become a frequent trip to our “snack drawer” full of processed food ridden with sugar and carbs and the boys are ALWAYS hungry. So, starting yesterday, we have a “snack tray” that sits on the table from after school until dinner time. I will place 5-7 healthy but good snacks and they may munch on anything they want whenever they are hungry after school. I told them I will always have one item I know they love and every week there will be something they have never tried before.

Much to my surprise, they both think this is the greatest thing ever. They ate and ate and never finished all of the snacks. They did not ask for anything all afternoon and we made it to 6:30 and had a healthy dinner with Law Man. (This almost never happens…..usually by 5ish I make them dinner to squelch the snacking that I have lost control over.) They are even asking for me to find new things to put on the tray.

Part 2….simple. They no longer are able to ask for desert after dinner…..a habit we have picked up from Law Man’s side of the family. If I notice that they have willingly participated in healthy eating throughout the day, I may offer them a suitable “desert”.

2012 is off to a Good Mom Year. It may only last a few days…..but I will take it!

Begin the year with the Y

I have had two children in the past 17 months and my body is paying the price. I have gained more than 30 pounds and have lost all traces of muscle tone and control…if you know what I mean. I have always enjoyed the gym, but this year I need to embrace it with a whole new vigor. Nathan was 6 weeks old last Thursday, this means he can go to Child Watch and I am back in the Gym.

Today was my first official day back. It was fun and refreshing. I turned on my fun red ipod and hit the cardio room. I plan to get set up with a trainer on Thursday. We will see where it goes. Let the 30 pound countdown begin.