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We Love Lucye

Despite the blizzard of 2011, family and friends gathered to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Lucye Jane.  Since it is so close to Valentine’s Day, and it is the first girl born to me and my sisters…..pink and hearts became the theme.


The shower was full of handmade details.  Felt banners, custom conversation hearts, knit and crocheted hearts and chains, and of course the felt balls.






We got to use my mother’s china….I love this pattern.


Did I mention it had snowed for five days?  The guests were real troopers so we gave them a lot of parting gifts.



The grandparents went over the top with CUTE!


Mary even channeled mom and found a perfect piece of baby jewelry.  This would have definitely made mom happy!


I was so pleased to host the shower with just of couple of my sister’s sweet, sweet friends….she knows how to pick them.


I think Tracy and Lucye got the picture……


We love them both very much!

Erin Go Bragh

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  I have a special love for SPD since I became a Curran!!!  I grew up a Brown….and never really had a heritage!  Since, I always pretended to be a redhead, I married into a family of redheads….and they are Irish!!!  Well, sort of…needless to say I struck out in the redhead department.  But, I do get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a little more enthusiasm.

So, here is how we are celebrating this year….


I ironed my favorite white linen tablecloth and used my random green pieces to celebrate the holiday!!!!


My favorite green piece is a little box that my grandmother gave me.  It is said to be a “first curl” box and actually holds a curl of my great grandmother’s hair…I know, it is a little weird, but I think it is beautiful and a neat thing to have.

DSC04893 Then, just for good measure, I had to put some glittery Leprechaun hats on the mantle just to torment the children…..not really, I just really like them.

That is it for decor…..a bit cheesy, but the boys love to see the house with a few details to celebrate whatever holiday is coming.


Then, nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like GREEN play dough. And now it covers my kitchen floor….but, a good time was had by all.

IMG_0797 Finally, the big celebration will come when the Curran Cousins Convene over here on Saturday for a little Green Chili.

Spring Cleaning –Day 2

I got a little bit more cleaning/organizing accomplished today…I organized the boys clothes.  This sounds small and easy, but let me tell you wardrobe management is one of the jobs of parenthood I like the least.  It is finished….CHECK!

Spring Cleaning — Day 1

Let the Spring Cleaning Party Begin!!!

I operate so much better when I have the house organized and everything is in it place.  It is also so much easier to be a “good mom” when the house is not cluttered and we have a nice, comfortable, home to reside in.  How do I know this????  Well, I don’t….I have never been this organized, but it is worth a try.

Here are a few resources I am using:

Simple Mom’s Spring Cleaning Party 2009

I {heart} Organizing

Cindy’s Clipboard Organizing Posts

Where will I start?  With a list, a clipboard, and a cup of coffee…..

Day One:

Purge:  Go through house and purge of obvious things I do not need or want.

Organize:  My clothes, jewelry and accerories

Clean:  Master Closet and Master Bath

New Beginnings

Baby Alpaca’s First Milk — We got to witness this little miracle on our annual trip to Victory Ranch in Mora, NM this past June.
I am here……barely, but here.  I am anxiously anticipating fall.  So many new paths intersecting here with me and my family.  
Today, the older of the “little guys” had his first swimming lesson.  It was so precious.  He was so excited…..his biggest accomplishment you might ask?….splashing his teacher, Mr. Hong.  Eventually, I will have to break his little heart and tell him that they don’t promote you for splashing.  
I had a full day working on some possible grants and making new contacts for my little business.  It is so exciting, but a little overwhelming.  When I woke up this morning, I questioned if I would have enough time and energy to pull through.  I am thrilled to say, “I did it.”  
Lately, I have had some discord among some family members who seem to think I am crazy to think that I can have it all, work and serve my community while still raising my children one dirty diaper at a time.  I am here to say, I can do it and I am doing…..oh yeah, I will continue to do it.  
One more first…..between the Olympics and the Political Conventions I am about to finish my FIRST sweater.  So exciting!