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Happy Birthday New Mexico

6Jan2014Photo1I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my soul state.  I have always said that God lives in New Mexico.  It is where I learned to love nature and love the mountains.  New Mexico is where I was when I found out my Grandfather would not live much longer and where I was when I learned that my mother had died.  Many of my very best and worst memories took place in this Enchanted state.  I was thrilled to spend New Year’s Eve 2014 out there.  I would love to share, in a more articulate manner, all of the reasons I love New Mexico.  However, I have been watching my boys wrestle like little puppies all day due to school cancellation.  So, here is a link to some of my favorite NM posts.

Christmas Recap — Christmas Past

Since Law Man and I announced our engagement around Halloween 1999, we have rotated Christmas between our families.  We are the oldest and the first of our siblings to marry, so everyone else fell into our schedule.  This year, it was “Brown” Family Christmas and it was the first that did not include parents or grandparents.  It was a bit strange.  I was not sure how to make it “feel like Christmas” with just us “kids” in charge.  I know, we are not really kids anymore, but we still sort of act like it.

I *Heart* Victory Ranch

Today I received an e-mail that summarized all of the wonderful things that have happened at one of my favorite places in the world, Victory Ranch in Mora, NM.  Here are some of the highlights.

A brief overview of 2010:

The theme for our 2010 crias names was music.
IMG_3722_JPG SO we have a Marley, Gene Simmons, Sweet Caroline, Maestro, Axl Rose, Aretha, Lady Gaga, Marimba, Mozart, Victor Borge, Chaka Khan, Joan Jett, Credence, Iggy Pop, Otis Redding, Mariachi, La Bamba∑ oh, and, of course, a Maverick as there is always at least one that doesn‚t fit the theme!
IMG_7010 For the first time, they sheared every alpaca on our ranch and many from alpaca farms near and far
IMG_3711_JPGThey harvested over 4500 bales of our very own hay


They harvested close to 1000lbs of luxurious alpaca fiber
IMG_3698_JPG They won first place ribbons in every show we entered!

IMG_3700_JPGThey became the largest alpaca yarn retailer in the U.S.!!!  **I find this most exciting!

I have been out to this special place numerous times…..I think the first time I visited I was a Junior in High School….1995.  My boys have grown up stopping by the Alpaca Farm every time we are in the area…..this year they even helped me beg Law Man on the way home from a long day in Taos.

DSC00614 Big Guy 2007

IMG_6982 Big Guy 2010

All this being said, see for yourself….check out their website, follow them on Facebook or, better yet, stop by the next time you are near Taos or Santa Fe.  It is worth it.  You can also read more about this magical place in a book that features them, Shear Spirit.

IMG_3728_JPG If you buy it at the ranch, Darcy will autograph it for you!!  🙂

Trust me…..those wanting to comment….there will be something from Victory Ranch in my favorite things….so comment or better yet link!!!  🙂

Enchanting New Mexico

IMG_7053 Rainbow in front of Hermit’s Peak

We spent our Fall Break in the mountains and to say it was beautiful does not do it justice.  I have always said….”God lives in New Mexico” and I still….at 32 and a Masters of Religion under my belt…believe that is true.

The natural beauty abounds but where I really see God is in the people.  I love the rich culture you get in every shop, every conversation, every minute of people watching.  Most of all…..I love their accents.  I would take thousands of picture of the variety of people, but I think that might ruin a good thing.  So, here are some pictures of our trip sans the people….it is still gorgeous.

IMG_6851 Fall Colors in the Santa Fe National Forest

IMG_0132 We saw several deer from our car.

IMG_7010 Of course, we had to stop by Victory Ranch….the Alpaca showed us a new trick.

IMG_6944 The boys did just enough playing to wear themselves out….these are the drums at Twirl….another NM must.

IMG_0141 We had a lot of family bonding…talking…and yes, wrestling.

IMG_6919 A fair amount of cuddling….I am not sure how much longer I will be able to rock both of them at the same time.  😉


I can’t leave out the beautiful food…..this was a Chili Relleno Nogado from the Relleno’s Cafe.


The beautiful fire we enjoyed every night.

IMG_0138 And, of course….beautiful knitting.

A New Spin on Things

Did I bring anything home from the Taos Wool Festival?  Yes, yes, yes…..I also learned something new.  I am now a knitter and a SPINNER.

IMG_6405 First, Linda from Lonesome Stone taught us how to pick out good raw fleece, the fleece right off the animal,  and roving, clean, combed and put into “tops”.

Then, Ruth from The Dizzy Ewe taught us to spin on a drop spindle.  She was amazing….we learned how to pre-draft, draft, spin, ply, and skein…..in 3 hours.  It was awesome.

IMG_6434 Roving                       Pre-Drafted Roving               Spun Wool            Finished Yarn

IMG_6417 I don’t have a picture of me spinning….but here is my partner in crime….Knitterista.


After the class….we forwent the drive home and went shopping for roving.  I ended up with 6 ounces of Fudge and 6 ounces of Sunny with a Chance of Rain.  Both 90% Alpaca and 10% Merino.

All and all….I *heart* spinning!!!