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I Can’t Make This Stuff Up — Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day is this coming Monday.  I have been trying to figure out some way to celebrate it with my boys.  In the past I have taken them to the OKC Downtown Parade, but I am really not sure they are getting the messages of Unity and Peaceful Protest.  There are a lot of people there that want to celebrate our racial differences rather than unity and although there is always some protest….let’s just say “peace is not passing understanding.”  It more feels like all of the prejudices that we reject the other 364 days a year come together in one very long parade.

In my attempt to find a different experience, I visited the websites of several organizations that I thought might do something more meaningful for MLK Day.  Nothing.  I found nothing.

A Trip Down Memory Lane — Better Known as I-40

Oklahoma City has recently opened a brand new section of interstate to replace the existing I-40.  It was in desperate need of repair and the latest MAPS project funded a below grade highway.  I often think I am a natural born engineer.  I like to look at something and try to figure out how it was built or how I could improve it.  But, to be honest, I could not imagine how they were going to tackle moving one of the two interstates that intersect Oklahoma City.  I have marveled at the process and I REALLY wanted to host a dinner party on the new I-40 before it opened…..best laid plans.  It was the possibility of getting arrested thing that I just couldn’t justify. 

A Tribute to Film

I feel like a part of me fell into an abyss.  It has been overwhelming to work on, but I will continue to plug away, I suppose.  If you are still reading, send me a short note in a comment, email or Facebook.  I would SO appreciate it!  A little, get well soon for my sweet little blog.

Things have been grey here at R&TM, but Big Guy and I had a great day on Sunday enjoying the beautiful weather.

It was the day of the Oscars and although I am not a huge fan of Award’s shows, I do love a good movie.  So, we went down to Oklahoma City’s Film Exchange District to check things out.  OKC Film Exchange is the district that began in the early 1900’s where theater owners went to lease or trade motion pictures for their movie houses.  The earliest Film Exchange arrived in Oklahoma City in 1907.  This area flourished through the fifties and sixties and then began to struggle in the seventies with the invention of the Video Tape.

Landlocked No More

Oklahoma gets a bad wrap.  Not all the time…it deserves an eye roll every time there is a shirtless man telling about the latest tornado.  Not to mention summers are HOT with only the relief of luke warm pools and dirty holes in the ground to cool off.  Winter is usually cold  with little snow and an abundance of ice.

But, things are really looking up around here.  We now have the Thunder, our local NBA team.  Devon is erecting a huge tower in downtown that will forever change our city’s skyline.  The Myriad Gardens have become a amazing place to spend an afternoon and I cannot get enough of the amazing restaurants and multiple art districts.

Law Man and I love our date nights.  Last week was no different.  I was feeling a little under the weather and he was running late so I killed a little time on Twitter.  @LudivineOKC was serving a Seafood Stew and it sounded delicious.  Much to my surprise, when LM walked in and said we were heading to Ludivine I was THRILLED and I knew exactly what I was going to order.  The Stew was delicious and I got a crazy hair that I could recreate this little bit of heaven.

Tuesday I stopped by Whole Foods (Oklahoma even has a Whole Foods now and it is minutes from my house).  I stocked up on fresh seafood (Squid, Scallops and EVEN Mussels) and headed down the bean aisle to find some dark colored lentils.  I measured out the correct amount and checked out.  I was sure not to close off the bag mussels because they “would suffocate” I was told.  Who knew they were still alive in the store?  Probably a stupid question, but I am in the middle of the landlocked states.

It took me a good 24 hours to find the courage to combine the two recipes that I thought I could adjust to create just the meal I was going for, but I did it.  Last night I, Amy Curran, made a seafood stew from scratch….fresh fish and all.  And, it did not disappoint.  I will definitely make this stew again.  Next time I will invite over some friends because it made enough for the entire street.  So, I am officially landlocked no more.

The Time is Now

When we got married eleven years ago, I said, “I will never live in Oklahoma City.”  What did I tell you, this is a chronic problem for me.  Law Man and I were going somewhere exciting.  We wanted to meet new people and have new experiences.  I dreamed of a urban area where everyone we knew lived centrally, neighbors were a mix of artists and professionals and culture that went beyond the annual Nutcracker Ballet.  He dreamed of professional athletic teams, world class sports and urban adventure.

Yay!!!  We did it.  We have all of these things and more and yes, we do live in Oklahoma City.  We spend Friday nights at one of the Art Districts monthly events or dining at one of our favorite local restaurants.  The kids love to scooter down by the Oklahoma River and we all love to wander around the Myriad Gardens.  Twenty third street is unrecognizable.  I remember when we laughed at the idea of outside eating feet from the busy street with almost constant sirens.  Now, take your pick…..a Mary Poppins at Cuppies and Joe, the Rancher at Big Truck Tacos, a bacon wrapped dog from Mutts Amazing Hot Dogs or the classic Tucker’s onion burger.  Oh yes….and we have a brewery and Coop Ale Works is an awesome one!!!  Now, if only they would brew me a Pumpkin Ale, life would be perfect.

This weekend is the bookend two of the most amazing weekends we have here in Oklahoma City.  I have posted in the past the excitement that makes up OKC the last week of April.  Now, we have the second weekend in October.  There is so much going on I will list out my favs at the end of the post.  But, the one thing that these two special weekends have in common are the Myriad Gardens.

If you visit R&TM often, you know I have a crazy love affair with public places. Remember, last year my excitement led me to throw a 100th Birthday celebration for the park down the street.

The concept for the downtown gardens developed in 1964 when Dean McGee initiated a revitalization plan for the downtown area.  The 17 acres was purchased in 1975 over the next 10 years the project, including the Botanical Gardens, came to fruition as money became available.  Since then, things have been rough.  Remember the Banking Crisis of the 1980’s and the Oil Bust of the 1990’s?  The Garden took a hit like the rest of the state, but thanks to many generous people, they were able to maintain with fairly mild wear and tear.

In the past several years as Oklahoma City leaders have looked to again revitalize our city, the remaining 15 acres of the Myriad Gardens was included in the plan.  This weekend will be the grand opening, the Festival on the Green as it has become known.  There is now a dog park, several stages including a remodeled water stage, a children’s area and hope of a restaurant….have you seen Mr. Popper’s Penguins????  You get the idea.  LOVE IT!!!  The boys and I are beyond excited for the opening and I assume you know where I will be a good part of Saturday and I will have my camera.

IMG_6204Lawn before the renovation…..Arts Festival 2009, I think.

IMG_7451Botanical Garden’s Pre Renovation

IMG_7467Another look…

IMG_1790Beautiful Cardinal at Gardens after Ice Storm

IMG_5303Preview of new Renovated Botanical Gardens

IMG_5304Preview of one of the New Stages

IMG_5305One last teaser preview….


Other events you won’t want to miss….

Heritage Hills Home and Garden’s Tour

Mesta Festa

Desmond Mason Art Show at LIVE on the Plaza

@1614 | Desmond Mason from christopher hunt on Vimeo.


and I really wish I was going to get to see The Man From Earth….another time.