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Project Skyline


It never really occurred to me how much buildings really do change the landscape until a couple of years after the Oklahoma City Bombing.  I turned 17 just five days before this event and I really have no memory of what the OKC skyline looked like prior to this tragedy.  It was not a huge building, but it had to have been noticeably different.  Then, a few years later, the airplanes hit the World Trade Center in New York City.  Again, I never saw the skyline prior to this event other than in a few movies.  Yet, for so many people it looks incredibly different.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as the boys and I frequently drive downtown to see the “giant cranes” that are erecting the new Devon building.  I know this city that I have come to love and recognize even as I see just shadows of the skyline off in the distance, in a book, or on the screen will not look the same to my children as they come into adulthood.

I also have a great love of photographs of homes, buildings, cities, etc.  from the past.  The mundane….things we think we will never forget….forgotten…..replaced by new everyday things.

I decided to start this series to show the development of the “new Oklahoma City skyline” to keep these simple memories for myself and my children.  They will never have to wonder “what it looked like” before they were born.

Here is my first set of photographs of Downtown OKC 2010.






If you want to see something awesome, just go check out the HUGE tower crane!!!!



Talk about hours of entertainment for little boys!!!!