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You Want to Discuss Religion….I am not afraid!

My educational background is in Religion.  I came to this in a fairly roundabout way, but all and all, it has become my passion.  I have a ridiculous collection of books….everything from classic theologians to much more modern ways of viewing the church and specifically mission.  I run not to music but to religious dialogue.

I have chosen not to focus on this part of my life here at R&TM.  I created this blog to be a place of peace and inspiration and here in Oklahoma….seemingly the Buckle of the Bible Belt….religion is not necessarily a topic of peace and inspiration especially when you “lean left” as I have often been accused of doing.  Religious dialogue will not become to focus of R&TM, but I am going to be more intentional about drawing attention to some really spectacular dialogue that is taking place.  In the process you will probably notice more theological terms and ideas laid out and discussed.

Why the change?, you might ask.  The answer is complicated but I will start with this….the church that I grew up in, a mainstream protestant church that was founded during the Land Run of 1893, has recently split up.  It seems to me that thoughtful and open religious dialogue could have at the very least contributed to preventing this split. The second reason is that I have personally been inspired by some of the religious dialogue taking place in the blogosphere.  I encourage my readers to be open, be mindful and particularly be thoughtful (not just the Oklahoma thoughtful as in courteous but also showing careful consideration) while discerning these issues.  I also encourage my readers to not be afraid of the words you do not understand or even those that make you cringe.  Redemption, theology, hope, God, Jesus, affirming, reconciling…..these are not words for the uber-educated or people sitting on one side of the argument.  These are tools for all of us to use in dialogue about faith.

My commitment to you is that I will post your comments and respond promptly to all comments that involve this type of dialogue.

Here are a few blogs that I love to read…..I do not necessarily agree with everything all of them say, but I will say……they are THOUGHTFUL.  These blogs are in no particular order a little United Methodist, a touch of Baptist, some Congregationalist and a splash of Atheist and a dusting of everything in between.  Be sure to check out the comments of each post….most are really great examples of good dialogue.

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Profligate Grace

Wade Burleson


What are your thoughts and experiences with religious dialogue?  Are there any great blogs regarding this topic that I have not listed?  You want to be a part of the discussion?!?!  Here is your chance!