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Out with the Old

Amy at the CMP gave me this idea a few years ago.  I thought it sounded like a keeper, but at that time I had two very little boys and taking time when they were with me was not a possibility.  Now, they are 5 and 6 and things are better….a little….:)!

The idea was to finish a project and start a new one on New Year’s Eve/Day.  Knitting is my go to craft and my obsession.  Then I had to decide what to finish.  That was easy, the hat for my sweet nephew, Jude.  He was the lucky recipient of the unfinished handmade Christmas gift this year.  If you do handmade Christmas gifts, you know what I am talking about.  Two nights before Christmas Eve I was down to his hat and it was essentially finished.  Simple stockinette with a seed stitch edging.  Then that little word that makes me shy away from this type of pattern.  Kitchener.  For you non-knitters, this is basically hand sewing, which I don’t do.  Hand sewing in a way that makes the stitches look knitted.  Now, I can knit most anything, but sew.  I am terrible.  Back to two nights before Christmas Eve….I was pulling my hair out and my living room look like it had been yarn bombed.  I had reknit the hat twice just to get it “set up” properly my phone and ipad were streaming how-to videos and tutorials.  The two colors were all tangled up and I had used three different sizes of needles to help with the several attempts to salvage what I had thus far.  The children were ignored, Law Man was snapped at and dinner was neglected.  Finally, I surrendered, left the mess strewn about the sofa and rug and stomped off to bed.  The next morning, December 23, I woke up, made breakfast and sat on the couch next to my yarn.  I regained my composure and *it* came to me.  I gathered things up and stuffed them into the ottoman and went on with Christmas preparations…mind you I was hosting 12 people the next day, roasting a rack of lamb for the first time and trying to make my house look like a family Christmas celebration straight out of Norman Rockwell painting.

Fast forward 30 minutes or so, Law Man calls and anxiously asks, “How are things going.”

“Great.  I decided to finish the hat after Christmas.”

With a sigh of relief, he had the nerve to try to convince me to give my nephew the hat as is, with the promise of finishing it.  But I did have some pride left and a knotted up mess of yarn that didn’t even resemble a hat was not going to leave the depths of the ottoman until after Christmas.

So, here lies the perfect project to finish and I would learn a new technique to boot.

Voila!!!!  It turned out great!  I can’t wait to give it to him.  Happy New Year!

The opposite of war isn’t peace…..It’s Creation!!!

I have been quiet around R&TM lately.  I hate that.  Sitting here at my keyboard is as therapeutic for me as I imagine the piano is for many musicians.  I write, I edit, I design, I compile…it doesn’t matter what it is, I love it and it gives me so much peace.  I love the line from Rent,

“The opposite of war isn’t peace….its creation!”  –La Boheme

This line applies to so many things, but in my attempt to find peace through the life changes of parenthood and losing my mother….it has really resonated with me.

So, although I have been quiet on the blog, I have been creating.  Here are a few sneak peeks….

I designed this based on the Rube Goldburg Machine to be part of the invitation to Little Guy’s 5th Birthday Party…..the Invention Convention.


A hat for my niece….Tinkerbell

I have been taking a lot of pictures with my iPhone.  I realize that I always have it with me and when I use the filters on Hipstamatic I can “create” almost anywhere.

iphone Mosaic

1. Old Tree FPC Enid, 2. First Presbyterian Church, Enid, Oklahoma, 3. Enid High Football Stadium, 4. Fall Leaves, 5. One of my favorite times of the year to live on this street., 6. Front following me home from NM, 7. I love this sign!, 8. NM telling us goodbye on the morning we left., 9. Winter coming in over Hermit’s Peak

I have done my share of making things….a lot for Christmas, but quite a bit of other things too.  I am most proud of the Spy vs. Spy costumes I made for the boys on Big Guy’s Request.  They are my favorite Halloween Costumes yet and the only ones I have made.things i made

1. Christmas Surprise, 2. Take to on a Favorite!, 3. More Christmas Surprise, 4. Scarf for Emerson School Sale, 5. Spy vs. Spy Costumes for Halloween, 6. My KNITWitch Costume, 7. Spy v. Spy process, 8. Scarf for Arabella in NM, 9. Pixie Hat for Lucye Bird

Finally, I have had the opportunity lately to admire so many other peoples creations and their process.  I think it is contagious!  things others made

1. Burritos from Arabella in NM, 2. JD Creating…or trying to!, 3. Adam’s Creation, 4. Adam’s Full Creation, 5. Nathan trying to build a “real robot”, 6. Yarn Bomb….Victory Ranch, NM, 7. Tosha made Pumpkin Bowling for Jack o Lympics, 8. Tosha Made food for Jack o Lympics, 9. Aunt Mimi Made the boys Witches Broom treat bags, 10. OKC Myriad Gardens Opening Weekend, 11. Uncle Devin created this amazing cake for my niece’s birthday., 12. Aunt Michelle created these awesome aprons for my niece’s birthday.

When I stop to realize that all of this has been going on in just the past 30 days, it is no wonder I have been quiet on R&TM.  Now, I need to get back in the groove and create and post!!!

What have you created lately?


Multi Tasking is My MO

I love to sew!!!!!…in theory.  I have been playing with my sewing machine for the past four or five years, but I am really not very good.  You have to pay such close attention to detail and when your MO is multitasking…..details get blurry to say the least.  My love of the idea of sewing has led me to collect fabric from everywhere I have traveled over the past few years and and obsession with a couple of sewing icons….Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler.

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered this project and this fabric about a year ago in Tulsa.

I hadn’t even started this project because I just knew as soon as I started cutting there would be a mistake and I would ruin my fabric.  Finally, my awesome sister in law came over and talked me through the process.  Then, I started sewing and now I have this!!!!!

IMG_1887 Multi-Tasker Tote

I can’t believe it!!!!  I love it and I can’t wait to make some more.  I don’t think I could have done it without and AMH pattern.  They are so detailed and specific….with pictures.  So now, I have a tote to go with my lifestyle.

Oh Happy Day!