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Spring Cleaning — Day 1

Let the Spring Cleaning Party Begin!!!

I operate so much better when I have the house organized and everything is in it place.  It is also so much easier to be a “good mom” when the house is not cluttered and we have a nice, comfortable, home to reside in.  How do I know this????  Well, I don’t….I have never been this organized, but it is worth a try.

Here are a few resources I am using:

Simple Mom’s Spring Cleaning Party 2009

I {heart} Organizing

Cindy’s Clipboard Organizing Posts

Where will I start?  With a list, a clipboard, and a cup of coffee…..

Day One:

Purge:  Go through house and purge of obvious things I do not need or want.

Organize:  My clothes, jewelry and accerories

Clean:  Master Closet and Master Bath