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Inspiration to Go Out On the Edge of the Cliff

I am always looking for inspiration to take risks.  One of my favorite television shows that is on right now is Sunday Morning on CBS.  This week there was an interview with Laura Dern who stars in the HBO series Enlightened.  It was a fine interview where she shared her story about becoming an actress with parents who were both in the business.  Of course, her mother didn’t want her to pursue it in fear that she would be hurt.

What I like most about this show is its tendency to keep the cameras rolling for the casual comments that often make the entire interview.  At the very end, they cut to her father and he states the advice that he has given Laura from the beginning.  “When you take a role, go out on the edge of the cliff.”

What great advice and to come from her father makes it even more powerful.  That is the way I want to live my life, particularly with regard to my writing.