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Bombs Away!!!!

I am not a fan of guns, bombs, war, graffiti….you get the picture.  I guess no one really is, but I seem to have a particular aversion to all of this now that I have two sweet little boys.  However, this is something that involves all of these things that makes me smile.

Yarn Bombing…..

The first time I heard of this was a year or so ago in this article.

Then, while in Vancouver, we were driving through a parking lot looking for a yarn shop and I tell Law Man to pull over…..IMMEDIATELY!  I jumped out of our car and ran over to take a picture of this……then I realized it was the entrance to the yarn shop I was looking for.  Either way, I was excited to see this in real life.  (You can imagine traveling with me is a lot of fun……and requires a special kind of person.)


Fast forward a month or so and I drop big boy off at school and head back home with the little guy and low and behold…..i see this….


Yipppeeeee!!!!  My excitement grows.  I pull over…run across the street and take a quick picture.  “I have to blog about this!”  That was at least six months ago.  The holidays hit and well….I just forgot.

A week or so ago Law Man takes the little guys on a walk….all the way to their school.  When he gets home, he tells me that there is something I must see.  He describes it something to the effect of…”This strange yarn thing that resembles that thing you got so excited about in Canada.”

I am thrilled that he notices.  A couple of days later I spy this beauty…..


I love it!!!!!

Now I know there are probably people out there who do not like these around town.  No need to tell me about it…..I will still love them and hope to see more.  However, the people I really feel for are those who drive by such unusual beauty everyday and do not notice it.  Tisk Tisk!!!

So, those of you in Oklahoma City….I am happy to send you something special if you are the first one to tell me where one or both of these bombs are located.  After a few guesses I will post a picture that shows the really ugly alley where the last one is located…..it would make guessing to easy.  When you see it, I think it will make many of the naysayers come around.


Where R We????

Another Wednesday and another Where R We?

A few hints:

1.  It is hot….really hot!!!!

2.  It is dangerous….really dangerous!!!!

3.  It is art.

4.  It is four blocks from my house!

5.  The boys beg me to take them over and over again.

Need more hints!!!



Any guesses????  I will post the location tomorrow!!!!

Where R We????

This school year we are trying something a little new.  The boys are getting old enough that they are not totally exhausted after school everyday.  So, this year, the Big Guy got to pick out one extracurricular activity.  He chose…..we went…but I wanted to do something a little bit more.

I have become more acutely aware that my guys are not going to want to do all of these fun things they drive me NUTS about doing now.  Solution:  on Wednesdays, we are going to go do something they want to do….best of all….we are together.

The boys’ Aunt and Uncle gave them a year pass to for Christmas last year.  (I *heart* these type of gifts!!!)  We have been several times and it has been a great place for Law Man to take them on some hot Saturdays.

Having said that, going on a weekday afternoon, during the school year, was totally different.  It was *quiet*, there were only a dozen or so other people in the entire museum, there were NO LINES.  We had a great time.  They boys were able to explore at their own pace and their mom was not doing the neurotic thing she does when the boys wander off in a crowd.  Overall, it was amazing…..I think we are going to enjoy this time together once a week.


I watched an entire puppet show put on by the “Big Guy”


DSC05677 They both spent a lot more time working on activities and puzzles.  They were asking me a ton of questions…..trying to figure out how to change water flow and arrange various shapes to make a perfect square!!!!  It was so fun to watch their brains work.



They both were able to ride the Segway…..I will never wait in that crazy line on a busy day.


When it was time to close, we headed out to the grass and enjoyed a picnic of grapes and string cheese.  We talked about what they learned at school that day and who they played with.  The boys loved having a special afternoon just for them and I felt like a really good mom.  Sometimes this is all I need to push through the more “tedious times.”

So, Where R We????  Science Museum Oklahoma

I was also beginning to think the boys were out growing the Science Museum.  Not at all….they are now at a whole new level of wanting to engage the exhibits.  We will be back!!!