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In with the New

Yesterday I told you about the project that I finished up to say good-bye to 2011.  The best thing about that is saying hello to my first project of 2012.  Of course, it is knitting.  But, it is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

I suppose there are some knitters out there who just find a project and start on it, but most of mine have a long history before the yarn is even cast on.  Like Shrek….I guess I am kind of like an onion and so goes my knitting process.

A year or more ago, a good friend took a trip to Portland for a wedding.  Unable to help myself, I said, “if you see a yarn shop, pick me up some yarn.”

As the story goes, they hunted down an little independent yarn store and asked for a little help.  I am not sure what they told the salesperson but they found the perfect gift for me!  It is this gorgeous yellow, grey, brown and white variegated cotton/wool mix.  AND to sweeten the deal and assure my devoted friendship forever, they bought me a pattern for a lace wrap and enough yarn to complete the project.  **Just in case you ever need to get my “friends forever” status buy me a pattern and the yarn to complete it.  I digress.

I have been swooning over this yarn and project ever since.  “Why then did it sit in its beautiful skeins for over a year,” you ask.

Because, I have guilt issues.  Guilt that this was too nice of a gift to utilize until I return the favor.  Guilt that the yarn is so beautiful and I might ruin it if I mess up the pattern.  Guilt that I really promised so and so that I would knit/or do such and such.  Guilt that I will have to periodically ignore Law Man when the lace pattern changes or I miss a YO.  Guilt that I really can’t knit other things when I knit lace.  **note to non-knitters…I have a one track mind and lace is just something you can’t cheat on.  Like I said, I have guilt issues….don’t even ask about my obsession with what to do with all of the left over cardboard from Christmas.  It almost ended in divorce.  But, in case you have guilt issues too, Goodwill recycles cardboard, any kind of cardboard.  :)!!!

So, I figure, what better way to start off the new year than beginning a project that is just for me, just because I can.  New Year’s Day 2012 I cast on and I have no idea when I will finish it since I have had to start over three times already.  But, I will not feel guilty I will just lust over this beautiful yarn until it becomes my beautiful wrap.

Oh, and see the red yarn through the piece.  That is not part of the final project it is a “lifeline”.  This is a new thing for me too.  I always say I will use one, but I never do.  So, here’s to a New Year, New Beginnings and recognizing that a little help never hurt anyone!

Just in case you need another reason to learn to Knit

Life is going by way too quickly.  I have been a bit distracted by the births of a new Nephew in February and a new Niece in March.  Both babies and moms are doing great, but I am sooooo far behind.  I have been in auntie fog I suppose.  More of new baby stuff later, I wanted to share one quick little Yarnie Fun I took time to do myself.

A good friend and fellow Knitter, Knitterista A.K.A. Erin, hosted a Stash Bash at her hubby’s brewery yesterday afternoon.  “What in the heck is that?”, you ask.  It is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon if you are a knitter, crocheter or other needle crafter.  About 20 people gathered with our stash, a “collection” of yarn kept by someone that knits, crochets, or uses yarn for some other purpose, and sold, traded, gave away yarn and then spent the rest of the time knitting, crocheting, beading, gabbing, and enjoying free COOP Ale.

I was able to chat with a few of my favorite local crafters…..

Knitterista, of course


Early Bird Special

Marilyn Artus

and I met Sara Cowan of the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar.

IMG_9354 Erin teaching her mad skills!

IMG_9357 Chatting it up!

IMG_9359 Inspecting the variety of hand work.

IMG_9356 A portion of my stash….I have a problem…I really do.  See something you like, I can hook you up!

IMG_9365 Did I mention that we had access to an unlimited supply of COOP Brew?  Need I say more?

It was a fun afternoon and was just what I needed to get knitting again after all of the family excitement.

A good start!! Here is a sneak peak of my latest WIP…work in progress…any guesses on the design?  I will show you more tomorrow.  This might be the time to put your mind in the gutter.

In the Works….A Shawl

I love to knit lace.  It is very cathartic for me.  It is involves just enough through that I have to block most other thoughts out.  I also love shawls.  I guess it is the grandma that hides inside of me.  I will say that it is a bit ironic that I like shawls since I am ALWAYS hot.  But when it is cool enough for a shawl, you can bet I will have one one me.

I knit this shawl a couple of years ago for a firm event that I went to with Law Man.  I decided that it would be fun to wear something that I made to this very formal event.  I was right….it was very fun.


Fast forward a couple of years and I was fondling yarn at Victory Ranch and decided I needed to make myself a shawl out of their Alpaca.  I had this book with this pattern so I bought this yarn.

IMG_6203 (Do you see the mistake?  It is right between my fingers.  This was just before “weighted it down and frogged back to a pearl row and picked up stitches with a smaller needle”….to fix the mistake….and it worked.)

Then, I read this blog and I was really inspired to get started.  I started, I frogged, I started, I frogged…..and well…..I am going now.  I hope to get it finished before fall is over.

I *heart* my bike

I love my bike.  I don’t get to ride nearly as much as I would like to, but I think that is going to change.  So, in honor of “fall”ing back in love with my favorite mode of transportation…..I saw this bike in Vancouver, BC and THIS is what I want to do to my bike.  I just need to decide on the colors.


Yes….that is yarn.  Only, I am planning to knit a good part of my bike…not just wrap.  I need to get on this soon before the boys start insisting that I act like a “normal” mom.  🙂

More bike love……from Design Sponge.

Poka Cycle

Bike Madness

Spring Cleaning — Day 1

Let the Spring Cleaning Party Begin!!!

I operate so much better when I have the house organized and everything is in it place.  It is also so much easier to be a “good mom” when the house is not cluttered and we have a nice, comfortable, home to reside in.  How do I know this????  Well, I don’t….I have never been this organized, but it is worth a try.

Here are a few resources I am using:

Simple Mom’s Spring Cleaning Party 2009

I {heart} Organizing

Cindy’s Clipboard Organizing Posts

Where will I start?  With a list, a clipboard, and a cup of coffee…..

Day One:

Purge:  Go through house and purge of obvious things I do not need or want.

Organize:  My clothes, jewelry and accerories

Clean:  Master Closet and Master Bath