The Two-Step

This quest for meaningful work feels at times like I am doing the Two-Step.  I am from Oklahoma and you learn the two Two-Step is the first dances you learn.  At its essence it is one step forward and two steps back.

Easy, right?!?  As you begin to learn this basic dance, you often do it by yourself and pretty much stay in one spot doing your one step forward and two steps back.  You look awkward and your arms often flop around looking for what to do.

Eventually, you move on and do the dance with a partner.  Equally as awkward until you become confident enough to find a partner who know what they are doing and then you dance and spin all over the dance floor and feel like a queen…..a rodeo queen, but a queen none the less.

Finally, you get to the point where you can lead and make others feel like royalty.  This is a bit more tricky for women since it is the man who leads the dance, but it is possible.  I have not ever really made it to this point with my Two-Step dance, but I have witnessed it and it is beautiful at a hell of a lot of fun.

Today, on this short week and more than two steps back on the boy’s school front, I feel like that day in seventh grade when I found myself in a group of four friends learning the Two-Step in front of my 20+ classmates.    Picture the Swimming in PE episode of the Goldberg’s…. equally awkward and mortifying.

I feel like I don’t want to keep looking and learning….but I know it is what must be done to get this right.

***To my knowledge, no Rodeo Queen’s were offended by this post.

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